Encapsulated Foam Wood Docks


Wood surface docks with encapsulated foam floats.  The floats consist of foam encased in hard durable plastic.  They are safe from petroleum, flaking, animal damage and puncture resistant.  The floats will not sink, even if punctured because they are filled with foam.  These docks are as strong if not stronger than the conventional docks on our lakes.

The buoyancy rating is higher than the conventional "blue foam", which has been used for many years.  With the new floats, the dock are more durable because the wood does not touch the water.  It offers a stable platform, just as the docks currently produced.  These docks are generally $200-$300 cheaper than conventional docks depending on the size and 40% cheaper than steel framed docks.

All dock installations include:

  • Cleats
  • Dock will be secured with cables
  • Removal of docks being replaced

Options Available Upon Request:

  • Pipe Standoffs